GMG Convention Day 4: Our first gig

On Thursday everyone of us woke up heatedly, because on that day was our first GMG gig (Paneldiscussion and afterparty) located at Postgarage.  So after breakfast everybody started to practice and prepare everything for the night. The girls who were in the line up spent their day to get ready for their sets, the organizer of  the event prepared the equipments and got some beverages for the backstage and planed the questions and structure of the discussion with well-known female DJs of Graz and Vienna. The Slovenian girls left in the morning to finish their graffiti at the Postgarage, while the Hungarian girls did some promotion like posting photo and mix to the event on Facebook.

After everybody finished their obligation we went to our room to make ourselves pretty for the evening. We met at 5.00pm and traveled together to the location of the gig. Arriving there we realized how awesome job Sara and Eva did with the graffiti. We had dinner in the Postgarage Cafe together with the whole crew and our guest DJs of the discussion also joined us. It was really lovely and friendly.

The discussion part started at 7.00pm with ETEPETETE (DJ / VJ Kollektiv) adriana celentana, Mama Feelgood, DJane KLGFT, heike c. stark and Feelipa. Beatrix Lorber was the moderator of the conversation, we discussed topics like family and Djing, having regular jobs beside DJing, importance of good looking, positive and negative discrimination. We heard some good and bad experiences of being a female DJ. It was really interesting and made us to overthink our own situation. It was a really strange, but warm feeling being in a room filled with only female DJs except the audience.

The afterparty started at 9.00pm. From our guests Mama Feelgood, adriana celentana & heike c. stark, ETEPETETE played some really good music for us, and after them our girls Vatsanah and Miss Fab got the chance to stand behind the decks.

We finished the night really tired, but pretty satisfied.