GMG Convention Day 3: Practicing and Dancing

Wednesday was a rainy day, but all of us started the day with a smile on our face. As the Slovenian girls were the supervisors/organizers of the Hip Hop Dance Workshop they spent the whole morning to prepare everything for it, like music and moves. Some of them went to the city to buy some spray for graffiti, which is located at Postgarage. The aim of the graffiti is to promote our final event on Saturday. The others started to practice in two rooms with turntables, cd decks and controllers. They exchanged experiences, helped each other and had pretty nice jams together.

After lunch cause of the weather, the Hip Hop WS was organized inside of the school.  Even some minor refugees joined us to learn basic moves of hip hop dance! We all enjoyed dancing and laughing together, and as we got the vibe we continued to do what we enjoy the most: mixing and jamming together in different styles as Techno, Electro, Breakbeat, Tech-House or Reggaton and Oldschool Hip Hop.

Around 7.00pm we separated into little groups and had a nice dinner, and then we got back to the school to see the premier of our brand new trailer made by Ana (Slovenia) of the videos she took of us during the first couple days. It is an awesome work; you can check it on Youtube.

The vinyl-lovers (especially drum and bass and hip hop fans) were invited to Barbara`s place to dig some records. The rest of us stayed at the school and were watching a documentary about history of DJing and partyscene in  00`s.