GMG program

Internal workshop program

Wann: 31.08.15 - 06.09.15 / ganztägige Veranstaltung

Wo: Different locations in Graz

Organisator: GMG Convention

The internal workshop program has been modified by the actual needs and abilities of GMG´s participants. There will be workshops on the diverse scenes in our hometowns and genres, an introduction to the history of Djing and equipment, a guideline to mixing and production. Furthermore additional...

Foto: Monja Kojalek

Hip Hop Dance Workshop 1 – Open to public

Wann: 02.09.15 / 15:00 - 02.09.15 / 16:00

Wo: Caritas Schule, Grabenstraße 41, 8010 Graz

Organisator: GMG Convention

On the dance workshop you will learn basic hip hop steps, mixed with new style dance moves, that can be danced on various genres of music. We will learn the choreography gradually so the workshop is suitable for everybody.

Foto: GOR

Podiumsdiskussion / Paneldiscussion

Wann: 03.09.15 / 19:00 - 03.09.15 / 19:00

Wo: Postgarage Graz

Organisator: GMG Convention

Actually, it´s nothing to add to the fact, that we are women and do Djing. A lot has been said already. Nevertheless the topic of female artists still offers a lot to talk about: How´s the correct term for a woman at the console? Where are the role-models? How can diverse roles be combined? How to...

Foto: Caritas

DJing – Beginner-Workshop – Open to Public

Wann: 04.09.15 / 14:30

Wo: Caritas Schule, Grabenstraße 41, 8010 Graz

Organisator: GMG Convention

You love music? Your dream is to stand at the console? You'd like to scratch, mix beat, Dj? Then come to our Beginner-DJ-Workshop! It's all about fun, so please don't hesitate! Any woman at any age can try out and get an impression of what DJing is all about! You can also bring your own music!

Foto: privat

Radioshow CLASH CONNECT @ Radio Helsinki 92,6 MHz

Wann: 04.09.15 / 21:00

Wo: Radio Helsinki 92,6 MHz

Organisator: Radio Helsinki / GMG Convention

On Friday evening GMG has got an invitation to Sabine Omann´s radioshow CLASH CONNECT at Radio Helsinki. As a GMG representative Gabriella Mavrik of the soundcollective She-Fire from Budapest will talk about the GMG Convention, their impressions of the week till than and of course the main topic...

Foto: privat

"SM-SESSION II" Final GMG-Convention Clubbing hosted by SoundMarie

Wann: 05.09.15 / 22:00

Wo: Parkhouse and Forum Stadtpark, Graz

Organisator: GMG Convention

For the main event on Saturday, which turned out to be our official closing party of the GMG Convention, we will provide several different genres on two floors! Once again all participating DJs will demonstrate their skills and passion. Take the chance to hang out & party together with female


Foto: Monja Kojalek