GMG Convention Day 2: Doing workshops and getting to know each other

The second day of the GMG convention started with a nice breakfast at Augustinum's cafeteria. After having some food and a good coffee we headed down to the workshop room in Caritas Schule to get prepared for the presentations about our musical background and scene. 

Each group (the girls from Slovenia, Austria and Hungary) had almost half an hour to talk about music, different styles and genres, about what is it like to be part of a collective and how they got into DJing. It was very interesting to hear all these stories about how these girls found their way to present music.

The next task was to promote GMG’s events and to prep equipment for individual rehearsals in the workshop rooms. So we made two teams - the first one went to the city centre and gave some flyers to the locals and the second one stayed in Caritas Schule to transform the workshop room into a studio with mixers, cd players, turntables and loudspeakers. 

Although it was a very hot day, the promotional team reached a lot of locals and invited them to come join the parties on the weekend and they also got to see the downtown which was amazing. During this time the other group finished the preparation in the workshop room and started to play some music. 

In the afternoon we gathered up to do the media & marketing workshop and to talk about how to found the way in playing music and to get more attention. We learnt a few tricks with social media and got some pretty interesting facts about visibility.

Around 9 pm we finished all the talking and went to find some restaurants in the centre. We took a walk on the riverside which was really beautiful. We enjoyed the night view on the city. At this point all the participants are very loose and we are really getting to know each other.