GMG Convention Day 5: It’s Friday, let’s have fun together!

On Friday we had a radio show and the second gig of the week. So half of us under the leadership of Gabi were getting ready for the show in Radio Helsinki, means preparing mixes and just a small talk about GMG and the final event of this remarkable Convention.  The other part of the group fixed everything for our second party at Scherbenkeller, where our girls played Funk/Soul, Hip hop, RnB and some Reggaton. Réka made some promotional collage pictures for the upcoming gigs.

The afternoon gave everybody  time to practice for the events. At the moment we rehearse at 3,5 consoles. The radio team left at 7.00pm and the show called Clash Connect started at 9.00pm. Our girls talked about GMG and the upcoming, past events and everybody introduced their own crew. Our previously prepared mixes will be on air on the next Thursday from 9.00pm till 10.30pm at Radio Helsinki of course, so watch out! Meanwhile the party got started in Scherbe, SaraiEva (Dj Samsara and Dj Re-do), Dj MasH, Dj CounTessa and Dj Plank Time were playing some awesome music. We were partying till about 2.00am together. It was another successful day of the GMG history.