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SHE FIRE is a colorful and unique Hungarian Dj crew. Unique because all of its members are ladies, and colorful because each of them prefers a different style of music during her performance. Together they are able to guide their audience through the techno and break rythms into the heavy drum&bass. The ladies have been playing at many magnificent parties, they performed in the best underground clubs in Budapest and throughout Hungary as SHE FIRE, played on art exhibitions and also invited guest DJs to kick ass in their gigs. The secret of their success lies in the fact that, with their natural charm, they want to impress the ears, not the eyes, transmitting the essential of their life: music.

GMG participants are Edina Farkas (eDina), Nóra Volosinovszki (Feryne), Réka Kongsaysak (Vatsanah), Boglárka Iváncza (BØC), Gabriella Mravik (DSH / Avika), Zsanett Bóna (Sunki)

Edina Farkas

  • Artist Name: eDina
  • Genre: ambient, electronica, modern-classic, dub techno, experimental
  • Description: As a child she leaned music for circa 8 years, she studied solfeggio, played flute, flageolet and piccolo. 6 years ago she started her music blog, where she collects and shares her favorite music. Her first gig was 3 years ago, she got an invitation from a friend Berni to her radio show and did her first ever selection to this show. Since then she has been playing in famous Budapest Clubs like A38, Lärm, Corvintető, Akvárium, Kontra and got a couple of invitations to Festivals like Sziget, Campus, Alkototábor and Ozora. She is describing herself more as a selector than a DJ who selects music to make people happy.
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Nóra Volosinovszki

  • Artist Name: Feryne
  • Genre: techno, electro, idm
  • Description:  She was going to a music shool when she was young, learnt to play gitar and sing. She's been djing since 2005 and was running a little independent netlabel, called Subgrade Records. Now she is the co-organizer/promoter in an independent hungarian music group, Selection Sorted, and hosting a 2weekly radioshow on Framed.Fm.
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Réka Kongsaysak

  • Artist Name: Vatsanah
  • Genre: tech-house, techno, dub techno, minimal
  • Description: Her parents are a big fans of listening music from vinyl and she got a lot of inspirations from this. Her older sister showed her a music from the duo of Deep Dish and it effected her so much that she started to dive deeper into techy electronic music.Since then she has been playing a lot in the main e-music clubs (Corvintető, LÄRM, A38, Cinema Hall) of Budapest and in various cities(Győr, Gödöllő) in Hungary since 5 years. Most of the times she is performing under the Contra Mundum and Lost Minute labels and prefer to play on freeminded open-air events and in the atmosphere of old factoies.
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Boglárka Iváncza

  • Artist Name: BØC
  • Genre: deep house, electronica, techno
  • Description: In high school she was one of the hosts of the school radio and during the University years she started to play at some gigs as a selector and got more and more into different styles but electronic music was always her big passion. So she started to make podcasts and organizing events with three of her friends. Now she is part of a DJ collective and works as an event organizer in two clubs (Amper Klub and Pécsi Est Café) in her hometown Pécs.
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Gabriella Mravik

  • Artist Name: DSH (and Avika)
  • Genre: breakbeat, drum&bass, electronia (as DSH) and house, techno (as Avika)
  • Description: She is one of the upcoming female underground DJs and producers of Budapest, Hungary. She started her carrier in 2009, has been playing on several festivals also known across Europe (Balaton Sound, VOLT, Factory Festival, Beertok) in many clubs (A38, Corvintető, Insant, Ötkert) and she plays also regularly in Slovakia. As a producer she has been doing remixes for Hungarian bands (Hangmás, Anima Sound System) - in 2012 she was co-author and sound designer of the original scores for the film "Moleman 2 - The Arts of Algorythms". As a resident of the SHE FIRE DJ crew she is responsible for technical issues (social media watching, technical support of events) but also coordinates the crew's radio show. She is hosting her own weekly show called Broken Bliss on, too. Under the artist name DSH she plays broken beat music, as a side project she created the Avika alias to play house, tech-house and techno. Both of her artist names guarantees a quality selection of music with true love, passion and fanaticism, being determined to become one of the best and unavoidable warm-up DJs in her country.
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Zsanett Bóna

  • Artist Name: Sunki
  • Genre: deep house, techno
  • Description: She has been DJing for years and plays the deeper version of 4/4 seeing music as a first and unique expression of her personality. She regulary plays in underground clubs in Gödöllő, but also has invitation from clubs in the capital city of Hungary just like Corvintető. With her friend Vatsanah she was the co-founder and co-host of a weekly radio show called Girls Contrast airing on an online radio
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