GOR is a cultural and sports association from Slovenia, dedicated to promoting, educating, organizing events of Hip hop culture in the broadest sense: dancing (breaking, popping, locking, electric boogaloo), DJ-ing, Street Art (Graffiti) and MC-ing. They are organizing international dance battles, DJ workshops, parties, dance classes, graffiti jams and more.

GOR´s activities include - besides dancing clases for beginners and intensive or advanced levels - also:
DJ practice sessions, that take place every other Sunday of the month as a part of the “DJ Gym” programme in the centre for urban sports Urban Roof in Ljubljana.

GMG participants are Maša Dobrina (DJ MasH), Nika Fugina (DJ Plank Time), Eva Jakimoski (DJ Re-do), Ana Saksida (Dj Miss Fab) and Sara (DJ Sara Brown).



is a newbie DJ bringing you funky music, hip hop, reggae, all jazzed up together. Her first contact with the DJ world was true being a dancer, where she meet DJs that introduced her to the DJ world. After that she took some scratch workshops and DJ workshops and started playing smaller gigs. She hopes to learn, grow and have fun on the GMG Convention.


DJ Re-Do

As a radio host her name is Ms. Fleva, and as a DJ, DJ Re-Do. Her first contact with spinnin' music was not so long ago, in a bar that she used to work in, bar Bikofe in Ljubljana. She is the owner of an evolving radio show, Mishmash Mo'! on the slovenian internet radio station - Radio Nula. Otherwise she is also an illustrator and amateur b-girl. She is living her life to the fullest, and nothing is stopping her.


DJ Sarah Brown

She goes by the name of Sara Brizani, she is 24 years old and form Ljubljana. She studied textile and clothes production and is now starting her  brand of products. She also started to know and learn DJ-ing in GOR cultural and sports association, in which she is an active member. She had the chance to learn from some of the greatest Ljubljana's DJ's like DJ Woo-D, DJ K'Pow and DJ Sunny Sun. In the future she would like to play some funk, afro, breakbeat, jazz, latin and hip hop music.


DJ Plank Time

Bringing you hip hop, breaks, jazz, dnb, deep techno music, combinig it all togheter in a fine mix. She started DJ-ing in an old factory ROG in Ljubljana. She was a hip hop dancer the pas 14 years, her name comes form her interest in cosmos and physics.